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Driving Tips​

The first time you take your driving test can be a major source of anxiety for beginners. Many students are unaware that passing a driver’s test is relatively easy if they are prepared. You don’t need any “secret” tips to pass your test.

   Here are a few tips that can help you during the road test

 1-Inspect your vehicle before the test

-Valid ICBC registration

-The vehicle is equipped with a speedometer, horn, windshield wipers and washers, airbags, rear view mirror doors, and exterior mirrors that function properly.

-Headlights, taillights, high beams, low beams, brake lights, and emergency lights must work

-Adjusting your side and rear-view mirrors

– Controlling your air conditioning and heating systems

 -Practice the hand signals

2- look for speed limit signs and drive within 50 km/h in Victoria.

3- Keep your eyes on the road and your mirrors.

-The examiner will look closely at how you use your mirrors to scan your surroundings

4- Slow down before turning.

-Make sure you slow down before you hit the accelerator again after turning.             

5- Be cautious when approaching traffic lights

-As soon as you approach a yellow light, it is a good idea to prepare to stop.

6- Make sure to look both ways before beginning to accelerate after a green light.

7- Check your surroundings and back side when reversing

8-Brake gently

9-Don’t assume that your mistakes are critical

  -If you make a non-critical mistake, you may still be able to pass your test.

– Critical mistakes are errors that show a lack of control of the vehicle or errors that are dangerous to others.

10-Pay attention to the road, not the examiner

-There may be a feeling of anxiety for you to find out what the examiner is doing and writing down rather than concentrating on the examiner, pay attention to the road and the area around your car to drive as safely as possible.

11- Don’t take the road test too early

-Take your time to learn how to drive properly before taking the test. You’ll end up saving time and money in the long run.

 Know your basic maneuvers

Make sure you are comfortable demonstrating the following maneuvers:

  1. left /right turn
  2. Steering Control
  3. Three-Point Turns and U turn
  4. Complete Stops
  5. Learn to parallel , Reverse, and Curb park.
  6. Lane change and Merging
  7. To be smooth driver
  8. Drive at a safe speed and observe the environment

Our goal is to help you prepare for your upcoming driver’s test by offering you these tips.

 Good luck!