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About Proton Driving School

 At Proton Driving School, we believe that safe driving is essential for everyone, regardless of their age, experience level, or background. That’s why we offer a range of customized driving lessons designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Whether you’re a new driver who’s just starting out, or an experienced driver looking to brush up on your skills, our friendly and experienced instructors are here to help. With our focus on safety and personalized instruction, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible driving education when you choose Proton Driving School.

What Our Driving School has to offer

  • Driving safely and dealing with emergencies.
  • Passing the test and driving for the rest of your life.
  • Flexible lesson times (daytime, evenings, weekends) and reviews.
  • Individualized lessons based on individual needs.
  • We’ll pick you up by at your location.
  • Using an eco-friendly high-quality hybrid vehicle.
  • Changing instructors during your training.
  • Feel free to contact our office or speak to your instructor if you need assistance.

The owner of Proton

My name is Javid

 I have been a licensed driving instructor in BC since 2019. My experience as a Mechanical Engineer and Mechatronics specialist has included instrumentation and control systems, as well as oil & gas companies in Iran and Canada for over 15 years.

What our students are saying

Andre LafontaineAndre Lafontaine
03:52 19 Dec 22
I was preparing to take my class 4 license. I was very confident that I had studied properly and I’ve been driving for so many years that it should be a breeze. But just to be on the safe side, I booked a few hours with Javid and if I hadn’t done that I’m positive I would’ve failed the test. This is all he does. He knows exactly what you need to do and his able to teach you properly to be able to pass with ease and confidence. Thanks Javid
Tiffany AuTiffany Au
01:33 06 Nov 22
I had the pleasure of working with Javid who provided very precise instructions (he'll draw out what he's instructing me on doing, which I found very helpful). He'll help you build a strong understanding towards how to be a safe and educated driver. Thanks for helping me pass my test on my first try!
Shiva EbrahimiShiva Ebrahimi
19:14 14 Oct 22
I was so afraid of driving and before taking the lessons I couldn't believe that I can drive one day. But Mr. Javid was so kind, professional, and patient that he made driving so enjoyable for me. I took my class 7 (N) road test for the first time yesterday and I passed!!! I couldn't be happier! Great teacher, wonderful personality, good value, safe driving lessons. All satisfactory.
06:46 14 Oct 22
I had a very good experience with Javid. He was calm, patient and informative. After 3 sessions, I passed my road test exam (class 5). As you can see in my road test (picture attached) everything went well and the examiner was very content.
Hi,I took 3 driving lessons in this driving school with Mr. Javid, and passed the road test at the first time. He was so knowledgable and patient in explaining all the details. His driving lessons covered all the questions and tests that the examiner asked me. He also provided me with a mock test in the last session, which was literally similar to my real road test. If you wanna get prepared for the road test, I would highly recommend this driving school.Cheers!
wura alesewura alese
23:58 09 Mar 22
Javid was very thorough and detailed about my training. It made my actual test feel easyI only had 2 days practice with him and 1 on the day of my test. I passed on my first attempt.
larissa coburnlarissa coburn
23:14 12 Feb 22
I took lessons from this driving school in preparation for my full license road test. I was primarily with Javid for my lessons. Javid was very kind, compassionate and patient. He helped me figure out what I was doing wrong when trying to reverse stall park which helped build my skill and confidence. I passed my full license road test on my first try and I thank Javid for helping me work towards that. I recommend this driving school for those looking for lessons in the Saanich area 🙂
FarNousH EftekhariFarNousH Eftekhari
03:08 12 Feb 22
I had a quality session with Mr.bayat a day before my road test, he gave me very good advices ! I passed confidently!
aydin fazeliaydin fazeli
03:39 22 Jan 22
Excellent driving school and amazing instructor. Passed my road test on my first attempt. I worked primarily with Javid to prepare for it he was very clear and patience instructor. Really enjoyed my lessons and I would highly recommend them.
sadia khansadia khan
16:33 31 Oct 21
Very timely with set appointments. Communicative with changes in scheduling. Made an effort to meet me at my home. The Instructor was gentle and patient. He continuously worked with me on my problem areas. Good service.