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Packages for New Drivers

Package A

1 x 90 minute lessons
1.5 hour


(GST inc.))

Package B

4 x 90 minute lessons
6 hours in car


(GST Inc.)

Package C

8 x 90 minute lessons
12 hours in car


(GST Inc.)

Packages For Licensed Drivers

Package D

Road Test Package

2 hours review & warm up
1 hour car for road test


(GST Inc.)

Package E

Seniors Refresher Course

2 x 90 minute Lessons
3 hours in car


(GST Inc.)

Please Note:

II. CBC Road Test and Licensing Fees are not included in our fees.

III. The Road Test Package is only available to our students who have registered in one of our in-car lesson packages and only if at the end of the course our instructors confirm that the student is ready for the test. We reserve the right to refuse providing our car for the test if our instructors do NOT confirm that the student is well-prepared for the test.

We strongly encourage you to read our Proton School_Policy & Frequently Asked Questions section prior to start booking.